“But godliness with contentment is great gain…”

Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when I answer the question, “So what do you do?”
My answer: “I stay home with my babies full-time.”
They continue, “Oh, how nice. So what does your husband do?”
My answer: “Actually, he is a full-time seminary student and a part-time interim pastor.”
Usually, at this point, the eyes widen and there is an awkward pause followed by a response similar to, “Well, aren’t you guys busy then!?”

I find myself wanting to soothe their worried hearts by blurting out the details of our (recent!) debt-free, frugal lifestyle and give them a run-down of the Lord’s immense financial provisions over the last few months. I know that, even if I do, our specific situation is just that, specific. This blog is not a tutorial on how to dump the debt or how to quit your job to be a stay-at-home momma. Honestly, My husband, Ty, and I cannot even take credit for where we are today. We do not deserve the lifestyle that we are currently living, but the Lord has granted it and we are overflowing with gratitude.

Now, living off of a part-time income with 4 kiddos (yes, 4!) is not easy, but it can be done.
It is as simple as this:
Trust in the Lord.
Seek His Word.
Be content.
Live simply.

I have learned a lot about contentment and how to enjoy life on a tight budget in the last few years. Please do not feel sorry for me…I feel I have been given a great gift that I want to share. It is my passion to share some of these tid-bits of information with others who might be wondering, “Am I the only one that has to say ‘No’ because I don’t have the funds?” or “How do I feed my family on this teensy budget?” or even “Is it ok that I still wear clothes that I bought in college?”

This blog will provide posts on money saving tips to reflections on what is really important. My hope is that you will be blessed by some practical ideas to feed your family and your soul. Please read and laugh with me as we discover how simple this life can be when viewed through eyes of contentment.

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